CFHA was conceptualized in October 1999 by Orange County Sheriff’s Office air crews.

CFHA was organized in response to the need for better communications amongst the helicopter operators within the district.  The increased number of helicopters used by the various operators and agencies dictated a need to enhance the safety of helicopter operations.

The CFHA has become a platform for establishing policies, procedures, promoting public awareness and enhancing safety.

The FAA serves in an advisory capacity to the association.

Mission Statement

To promote flight safety; to educate members, governmental agencies, and the general public, about issues important to the industry; to encourage expanded utilization of helicopter transport; and to provide a forum for exchange of information and practices on issues common to all members.

inmemoryCFHA is a not-for-profit organization officially established in March of 2003.

Membership includes law enforcement, medical air crews, news media, instructors, student pilots, flight schools, air traffic controllers, and FAA employees.

The CFHA meets quarterly to conduct training and discuss issues related to local operations.